SCALD (Rus) North Winds LP + Poster


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Our journey begins in eastern Russia, where a small band was formed almost 30 years ago. Of course we’re talking about the epic doom legend “Scald”.

Due to a tragic accident, Scald had only a few years for their creative work – for their legacy. A legacy that still exists and still enjoys its raison d’être untill today – and hopefully forever. Well, everything is ephemeral, but we are not there yet. We’ve started a collaboration with Messe Noire Productions to breathe new life into the mystical demo “North Winds”. Messe Noire Productions was already responsible for a cassette release and therefore indispensable for this project. “North Winds” is rough, as the name suggests. Nevertheless, this demo takes the listener to an icy plateau of mysterious distance that holds many many secrets. The ascent is hard and cold, almost tragic, but beautiful, you can hear it pounding in Agyl’s lungs. But that’s the way it should be!