INTO COFFIN / CENOTAFIO (Ger/ Chl) Astral Sacrifice MC


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Terror From Hell puts another nail in the coffin with this split tape featuring two long new tracks from Into Coffin and Cenotafio.

The duality of Into Coffin’s own Doom Death is unmercifully executed by slow monolithic guitar tunes VS crushing riffs of desperation and slow beats of torment VS pummelling drums whirlwind, enhanced by guttural torment.

To experience Into Coffin’s music is like the opening of an old sarcophagus containing unspeakable horrors. Unwholesome crescendo.

The horror continues on the other side of this analogic strip, which features one tune from Chile’s Cenotafio, an act which proves once more the nowadays’ prolific chilean (extreme) metal scene. The band adds a remarkable amount of speed to this release with a treacherous blend of Death/Black with a good amount of ghastly and doomy atmospheric parts. Obscure and morbid are the paths their music pursue, comprised by churning drumming, ineffable chants of doom and vengeful guitar riffs.

A declaration of darkness.